Lauren Cardenas’ “Borderline” explores the space of the bed as a distinctly feminine arena for rest, sex, illness and dreams. Using as her starting point historical works on paper from the Study Room for Prints, Drawings and Photographs at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Cardenas selected from this collection a suite of images depicting women in bedrooms by a deep time-span of artists from Rembrandt to Renee Stout. These images serve as the dialogic counterpoint for her beverly exhibition, in which they reappear, fragmented and reimagined by Cardenas via contemporary print and digital media. Focusing on the peculiar intimacy of the bedroom — and how renderings of that space engage the viewer in both analogue and mediated forms of witnessing — “Borderline” assembles a community of women across time and space seeking solace in the private realms of their bodies and minds. Exhibition-viewers are invited to make an appointment at SLAM’s Study Room to view “Borderline’s” source imagery, and to further expand the dialogue between spaces, institutions and artifacts.