Hey Gurl

Hey Gurl

Hey Gurl is a 22 page zine created for the Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts Zine Library. Edition size 30, xerox, letterpress and hand perfect bound book with birch wood veneer cover.

hey gurl, is part of an on going exploration utilizing the Saint Louis Art Museum Prints and Drawing archive. 

The text appropriated for this zine is the Beastie Boys, Too All the Girls. 

Image Index:
André Kertész, 
Distortion No. 130, 1933
Max Beckmann, 
Siesta, 1920
Andreas Feininger, 
Reticulation and Solarization (negative) 1933 Max Beckmann, Embrace, 1922
Max Beckmann, 
Woman at Night,1920
Max Beckmann, 
Reclining Figure, 1922
Max Beckmann, 
Lovers 1, plate 4 from the portfolio “Faces”,1916 Max Klinger, Awakening, 1883-87
Eileen Cowin, 
Untitled, 1988

Marsha Burns, Reclining Figure in Striped Shadow, 1980
Paul Gauguin, 
Manao Tupapau (The Spirit of the Dead Watchers - Elle pense au revenant), 1894
Wenceslaus Hollar, 
Sleeping Huntress, 1607-1677
Renee Stout, 
Red Room at Five, 1999
Max Beckmann, 
Seduction, 1923
Emmet Gowin, 
Edith, Danville,Virginia, 1970
Max Klinger, 
Night, 1883-87
Max Klinger, 
The Propsition, 1880-84